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Arlene Staple

Arlene Staple

Financial Representative

Arlene-Grace embodies excellence as an Associate Managing Director at Evolution Financial
Group, where she not only provides personalized financial protection but also seeks out
individuals driven by a passion for making a positive impact. With her extensive fifteen-year
background in the financial services industry, Arlene-Grace is dedicated to simplifying and
demystifying the financial process for her clients.

Educated with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Sciences and a minor in Management from
Mercy College, and a Master's degree in Education from the College of New Rochelle,
Arlene-Grace has pursued both knowledge and expertise in her field.

Having begun her career as a part-teller at Scotiabank in Jamaica, WI, Arlene-Grace's trajectory
led her to become the Branch Sales/Investment Manager. After relocating to the United States,
she redirected her focus toward education and service. Recognizing the lack of financial
awareness in her community, Arlene-Grace initiated a program to educate and simplify the
concept of generational wealth within her school and local community.

Motivated by the transformative potential of financial education, Arlene-Grace joined New York
Life to further amplify her impact. As an Agent and Employee Benefits Specialist, she
empowered families, business owners, professionals, and others to achieve generational wealth,
financial freedom, and break the cycle of poverty. Arlene-Grace firmly believes that education
and awareness are pivotal in making sound financial decisions.

Now at Evolution Financial Group, Arlene-Grace continues to fulfill her passion by not only
guiding clients toward financial success but also by expanding her team to create a more
substantial influence.

Recognized for her exceptional performance as an agent and her philanthropic initiatives,
Arlene-Grace was featured by New York Life during the 2023 Black History Month. Her
dedication has earned her accolades at previous firms such as Executive Council Agent, membership in the
Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), recognition as a Top 5 National Agent for Life Cases,
Centurion Awardee, and Cultural Market Platinum Awardee.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Arlene-Grace embraces learning and finds solace in
activities such as nature walks, painting, and traveling. Her beautiful children, Danielle and
Darmell, hold a special place in her heart. Furthermore, Arlene-Grace actively engages with
various nonprofit organizations, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to her

Arlene-Grace's insurance licenses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut serve as a testament to her
capability and enable her to provide invaluable financial guidance to clients within these states.