Why Join?

The opportunity to make a positive impact

By joining Evolution Financial, you become part of a team who is passionate about the help that advisors provide to individuals, families and business owners. Our professionals are dedicated to being comprehensive financial problem-solvers – to providing insurance and other solutions for the spectrum of challenges faced by clients seeking asset accumulation, distribution planning and preservation. By developing personalized financial roadmaps and reducing the uncertainty that comes with change, we help clients make the most of every life stage.

Through our services and solutions, we cater to businesses of all sizes and families across generations. We know the difference the right financial advice can make for clients from all walks of life. And we work hard to actualize it. By guiding clients to achieve financial freedom we can make ordinary moments feel extraordinary.

Evolution Financial is also committed to building a truly diverse team across age groups, genders, and ethnicities. We celebrate diversity and believe in learning from each other – in the mutual value gained when professional from various backgrounds and with perspectives share and contribute. At Evolution Financial, every associate becomes a valuable member of a focused team.

The impact we make extends beyond our immediate clients since community involvement is a pillar of our practice. Through our 501(C)3 charity, we actively engage with and support our local communities. We believe this is essential to remain connected to them and to stay on the pulse of what matters most to their families. We believe that it is in giving that we receive. 

The support and resources of National Life Group

When you become an associate at Evolution Financial, you also independently become an agent of National Life Insurance Company, Montpelier, VT which traces its history back over 160 years. National Life Group at its core retains the feel and attitude of a small company in which each individual — customer, agent, or employee — matters. National Life Group is unequivocally a Main Street, not a Wall Street, company that believes in the power of personal connections, and the strength of doing things together at the center of where you live.

National Life offers innovative products for clients across life’s stages. We share National Life Group’s unwavering vision of bringing peace of mind to everyone it touches and its mission of keeping its promises – because the value of a promise lies in its fulfillment. We also share National Life Group’s core values: to Do Good, Be Good, and Make Good. In fact, National Life helped pioneer the concept of “Living Benefits” and the idea that life insurance is about protecting the living.

“We help keep alive the dreams of families, the hopes of small business owners, and the dignity and financial independence of seniors. In my view, no profession can be more honorable or special.”
- Mehran Assadi, President and CEO, National Life Group

Evolution Financial, as well as The National Life Group of companies, will provide you with the support, knowledge, and access to the resources and tools needed to help you succeed. We are well-positioned to help you take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead as the industry evolves. Continual learning is a key element of our environment:

  • A complete training program where you learn about the products we represent as well as some of the most effective selling strategies available to our industry
  • Team involvement in seminar selling
  • Marketing schools where you can learn to target specific markets and increase your productivity
  • Software selling systems that give you access to cutting-edge estate, retirement, and asset planning strategies


National Life Group® is a trade name representing various affiliates that offer a variety of financial service products. National Life Insurance Company is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Addison, TX is licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia. It is not licensed to do business in New York. Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, is a Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser affiliate of National Life Insurance Company. All companies, unless otherwise noted, are affiliated and are located in Montpelier, VT. Each company of the group is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations